17 Year Cycle

The 17-Year Cycle Precisely Timed Stock Market Peaks in 2000 & 2007! 
See what it is hinting at for 2014–2017… and beyond.

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Before explaining the 17-Year Cycle, it is important to provide some critical context and important conditions.  First, the conditions…

The use of any cycle analysis is just one ‘cog’ in the ‘gear’ of life (and the markets).  Cycles are NOT the do-all and end-all and they have very profound limitations.  It is just as important to understand their weaknesses as it is their strengths.

With that said, they are also extremely valuable – providing the timing for related events… and expected events.  After all…

Timing is Everything!

Just as a human’s eating & sleeping cycles govern personal life – and a corporation’s work-hour cycle governs business – market cycles govern the markets.  And, come to think of it, the term ‘time’ would be a better verb than ‘govern’…

Meal times & sleep hours ‘time’ when those activities usually occur in an average human life.  Corporate hours ‘time’ when the majority of work is accomplished.  And market cycles ‘time’ when trends & reversals are most likely.

17-Year Context

With regard to the topic of context, the analysis & observations on this site have been developing – and have been described – for a couple decades…

They include analysis from 1999–2000 that projected a major bear market in stocks (the latest phase of a 17-Year Cycle that went back to the 1932 Great Depression low and timed subsequent turning points in 1949, 1966 (multi-year peak) & 1982 (multi-decade low).

Along with several other cycles & indicators, a Major top was projected for late-1999/early-2000.  The markets fulfilled that analysis and triggered a 2+-year bear market in which the Nasdaq 100 Index lost over 70% of its value.

After the Stock Indices fulfilled that analysis, I encountered a unique article/paper that explained an uncanny 17-year cycle that impacted the Earth’s magnetic swings, solar magnetic swings (and coronal hole variations), and the ‘toward and away’ magnetic relationship between the two (http://www.researchgate.net/publication/226464099 & http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023%2FA%3A1005075703810).

It provided some explanation of why this uncanny 17-Year Cycle would precisely time so many dramatic swings in human aggressiveness (military, social, financial/speculative, etc.).

17-Year Cycle Returns

An equally-decisive convergence of 17-Year Cycles (a separate but equally profound application of that cycle) was coming into play in late-2007 and became the focus of a couple dozen articles written in 2007 & 2008.  In early-2007, I concluded that the 17-Year Cycle was projecting another multi-year top in the stock market for Oct. 2007 (exactly 17 years from the low of Oct. 1990) and that it should trigger a subsequent, 1–3 year drop of 35–50%.

Those articles and that analysis were republished in many other publications and carried in podcast interviews hosted on dozens of financial media websites in 2007 & 2008.  (Among those were a series of17-Year Cycle articles submitted to Trader’s World Magazine in 2007–2008.  An example of those can be found at Trader’s World Issue #44.)  Other examples of that analysis can be found at:

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17-Year Cycle Redux

History – again – was VERY kind to this cycle!  The stock market topped on Oct. 11, 2007 – EXACTLY 17 years from the Persian-Gulf-War, Oct. 11, 1990 low – and embarked on a ‘1–3 year/35-50% decline’, precisely fulfilling what had been forecast throughout all of 2007 (and the first half of 2008, while it was still evolving).

A third (separate) application – of this 17-Year Cycle – is reaching fruition in 2014–2017 and could provide MAJOR market & geopolitical shifts.  That is the current focus of this site.

There are actually multiple applications, spread throughout the impending period, that should impact everything from Russia & China to Stock Market corrections & Financial Crises.  The former are a bit more general (Russia & China 17-Year Cycles spreading across 2014–2017) while the latter are more precise (17-Year Cycle of Financial Crises focuses on the year of 2015 while the 17-Year Cycle of Stock Crashes & Corrections projects a ~20% decline between late-April–late-Sept. 2015).  

Cycle Synergy

All of these 17-Year Cycle applications combined, however, are just a small facet of the overall analysis for the coming years – a pivotal time in human history… if cycles have anything to say about it. They combine with coinciding cycles ( 40-Year Cycle), technical & fundamental analysis, geopolitical developments, etc. to produce a level of synergy that should not be ignored.

So, please take some time and read through the samples provided on this website (and at related links).  While this is just a small sampling of the analysis that has been published – and the events that are anticipated – it should provide enough to give you a general awareness of how crucial the coming years should be. [2014–2017 is the first phase while 2018–2021 has its own unique characteristics that include things like Middle East & European Unification Cycles.]

That will be the focus of the majority of our publications (Subscription Info) in the coming years.  And, from time to time, we will be posting small samples on this website.  So, stay tuned…

With regard to any analysis that refers to the markets or investing, it is important to remember:

   Futures Trading & Speculative Investments Do Involve Substantial Risk!

   2014–2017 should be a momentous period – in the markets and across the globe.  I wish you the best in all your market & personal endeavors.  Thank you for your interest in our services & publications.



Eric S. Hadik – President
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