September 29, 2011

“Multiple 17-Year Cycles Fulfilled in 2011;

09/29/11 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2011-2012…  The Great Transition… into Act II

            0929-11 – The stage is set.  The actors have already been introduced.  The curtain has been raised.  And, even the first act has unfolded, following the script very closely.  It is coming to a close and there will be a very brief intermission before the beginning of Act II.

If you have just entered the theatre – or had to step out and take a call – let me bring you up to date on what has transpired…

For many years, the opening scene was anxiously anticipated – with the schedule (cycles) already known and certain events expected.

Beginning in April 2005 – with the first installment of ‘Focus 5768’INSIIDE Track explained why the period of September 2007–September 2008 (the Jewish Year of 5768) through 2011 was going to usher in a momentous transition period for the Middle East… and ultimately for the entire globe.

Late-2007–Late-2008 (5768)

There were many facets to this analysis that were also discussed in the 17-Year Cycle Reports and the Earth in Transition Reports.  These included:

— Projection for a Major top in Stock Indices in late-2007 (17 years from the October 11, 1990 bottom and in perfect synch with a 34-Year Cycle of U.S. financial meltdowns) and for a 1-3 year decline – of 35–50% – to immediately follow.

— Projection for a Major oil discovery in Israel, an event that was not even on most traders’ radar but which would ultimately – and dramatically – alter the structure of the Middle East (as Israel’s neighbors do whatever possible to prevent Israel from reaping the benefits).

— Projections for a Dollar crisis, real estate debacle & economic malaise to begin in the U.S. – that would force American to withdraw from the forefront of the geopolitical scene (not disappear, just retreat a bit).

All of these occurred, with the Israeli oil (gas) discovery arriving a few months late – in January 2009.  This previous analysis also included:


Kingdom of Jerusalem Cycles would usher in a MAJOR shift in the Middle East as these cycles reach a crescendo in 2011 and usher in a potentially-tumultuous period for Jerusalem/Israel in 2011–2018(70 years from statehood in 1948).


— Projection for a trilogy of Major earth disturbances, beginning with Chile/South America in 2010, Japan in 2011 (Dec. 2010–Jan. 2012) and U.S./North America in 2011/2012 (April 2011–October 2012).

Arab Unity Cycles would kick in, triggering revolt/overthrow in Middle East nations in 2010–2011 (with Saudi Arabia waiting until 2013) and ultimately leading to an Arab Federation by 2018

There are actually many more conclusions that were drawn – and/or conjectures made – in these Reports.  These diverse projections are highlighted so that I could address one of the most commonly asked questions:

What do all of these events/expected events have to do with each other?

That question is usually immediately followed by a comment on the lines of:

“You cannot really expect me to believe that a stock market crash will cause a volcano!”

And that is where most skeptics and cynics remain, blinded from seeing the evidence that is right before them.  Before I explain my perspective, let me give an analogy…

An Annual Cycle

I could have the same response to someone that tells me – on Dec. 1st or 2nd – the following events are expected for the next 30 days…

1 – Significant drop in temperature.

2 – Likelihood of at least one storm – with frozen precipitation – and potentially more.

3 – Sudden illumination of trees, bushes houses, front yards and city streets causing a surge in electricity usage.

4 – Dramatic increase in arboriculture interest, with trees being cut down, put together and/or erected in millions of houses & town squares.

5 – A similar increase in very specialized candelabra emerging in many homes.

6 – Surprising impulse of some groups to vocally-project harmonies in malls, stores,

churches and even from house to house.

7 – Panic buying at stores followed by an equally sharp drop in productivity… and abrupt work-stoppages in the latter part of this period.

8 – Spike in champagne consumption.

9 – A nation-wide conviction to become introspective and ultimately set goals for the future.

You cannot really expect me to believe that drinking champagne causes snowstorms?

Clocking Events… Not Causing Them!

That is how cycle-cynics sound when they dismiss possibilities without examining ALL of the evidence, IN CONTEXT and with an encompassing, holistic perspective.  To repeat:

            Cycles do NOT CAUSE events to occur, they simply TIME their recurrence!

Just as an annual cycle and a monthly cycle TIME the events of each December 1January 1, bigger cycles TIME recurring events on a larger scale.  They do NOT CAUSE them.

And, just as the weather is significantly different from one December to the next, there are much greater similarities than there are distinctions.  And, there is usually a general pattern or trend in the progression of subsequent Decembers.

The same is true between the latest 11-Year Cycle or 17-Year Cycle or 22-Year Cycle or 34-Year Cycle… and its predecessors.

The Stock Market crash of 2007–2009 was significantly different from the previous, 34-Year Cycle collapse of 1973–1974… and of 1939–1942… and of 1906–1907… and of 1872–1874… but was expected – and did ultimately unfold – with much greater similarity to those periods than to any of the surrounding years.

            The cycles TIME these events… they do NOT CAUSE them.

Cycles TIME when Christmas trees are unveiled, Menorahs are lit and New Year’s toasts and resolutions emerge.  They do NOT CAUSE them.

If it sounds like I belabor this point, it is because it is – in my opinion – the most critical point in assessing the value and application of cycles.

A Giant Clock

With that topic beaten into the ground, let me pose a simple hypothetical question:

If there were a giant, geophysical cycle (or clock or calendar) of stability and instability…

…AND, the Earth (and possibly the Sun and perhaps Jupiter) was entering an unstable phase of that large cycle…

…THEN, wouldn’t all of those expectations – for 2007–2011 & 2011–2018 be consistent with this developing instability?

Couldn’t human emotions (creating investing bubbles & crashes, military battles and monetary collapses) coincide with natural events (like earthquakes, dramatic climate swings, volcanoes)??  If so, let’s re-examine our program as we prepare for Act II…”